Certified Technology Partner Program (CTPP)

Certified Technology Partner Program is designed to support and promote both leading and emerging technology companies who offer tools and technologies that complement FND. By participating in the Certified Technology Supplier Program, technology companies can combine their strengths with FND, thereby offering customers a more complete range of solutions.

The program offers the following benefits to our joint customers:

  • Sharing of technical information between FND, program participant and customer
  • Easier access to company and product information of program participant
  • Availability of integrated technologies for a total solution to business needs
  • Confidence in the compatibility of the combined solution
  • Immediate access to a worldwide partner network
  • Reliability and confidentiality in business development
  • Solid and long term business relationship
  • Extraordinary knowledge of market and sales specifics for different countries
  • Support of international and enthusiastic team of professionals
  • Collaboration in day to day tasks up to strategic goals
  • Additional input in setting up global sales and marketing strategy
  • Building up international brand awareness
  • Platform for business information exchange
  • Different industry experience
  • Essential business connections

To apply for the Certified Technology Supplier Program, please contact