What We Do


Cooperating with FND, you acquire many benefits whoever you are: partner, vendor or end-user. As a Partner you gain:

  • immediate access to industry focused best practices IT software sales
  • additional income from software sales, training and implementation consultancy
  • opportunity to enlarge your company’s portfolio of products
  • additional confidence and asset during pre-sale activities
  • day to day sales and marketing support
  • day to day technical knowledge assistance
  • expertise, best practices, success stories and skills transfer
  • international, multi-language business cooperation
  • dedicated team of professionals for leveraging your income
  • different industry experience
  • essential business connections

As a Vendor you gain:

  • immediate access to a worldwide partner network
  • reliability and confidentiality in business development
  • solid and long term business relationship
  • extraordinary knowledge of market and sales specifics for different countries
  • support of international and enthusiastic team of professionals
  • collaboration in day to day tasks up to strategic goals
  • additional input in setting up global sales and marketing strategy
  • building up international brand awareness
  • platform for business information exchange
  • different industry experience
  • essential business connections

As an end-user you gain:

  • professional pre-sale and post-sale customer care
  • technical training and support of software (workshops, webinars or call conferences)
  • support of implementation process
  • project management training
  • supply of knowledge according to the client’s language requirements
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