The power behind successful projects

Scheduling software designed for construction industry

What is Powerproject?

Powerproject was designed to support the way construction planners work. It has evolved over many years with input from our users to meet the requirements of the industry.
Easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful, it is the software of choice for thousands of construction professionals throughout the World.

Powerproject helps to build the World

Powerproject has been used on some of the world’s most complex construction projects including:

  • Europe’s highest building – The Shard
  • The Reichstag in Berlin
  • Banora Point Highway in Australia
  • Durban International Airport
  • The rebuilding of Christchurch New Zealand
  • II metro line in Warsaw

What you already know


Ready to work

Thanks to pre-defined project templates, you begin work immediately, saving your valuable time and automatizing routine activities.

View tailor-made to your particular needs

Increase your productivity even more – display exactly the information you need. Create your own interface, in order to reduce the risk of committing errors and facilitate everyday activities.
Assign access to displaying particular areas and elements of the project, so that each team member can focus only on tasks and duties. Manage access – protect nondisclosure data.

“What if” – stands for undo & redo without limits

Test „what if” scenarios – find the best alternative – use undo and redo without any limits, even after saving the file.


Intuitive interface

Draw and transfer activities with one move

One click is enough to create an activity. You drew it in a wrong place? No problem. Just drag and drop where you want it to be.


Interface, with which you work daily

Find and add required functionalities from the menu using the Ribbon Bar, just like you do in Microsoft Office.


Skip to the next activity

Do you work with complex schedules, where it is difficult to navigate around tasks?

Just one click will simply move you to the next tasks in order to facilitate your work.


Less means more

Save space in Gantt chart and… your screen – group repetitive tasks in one row. You will display more activities simultaneously and keep the order at the same time.



Calendars adjusted to your company

Are there people in your team, whose work calendars differ in terms of holidays in comparison with abroad contracts? Assign proper types of calendars to activities or resources or create your own calendars and let Powerproject calculate necessary durations and dates.

Fluent perspective

Duration of the project or currently required level of detail determine the perspective. You can change the timescale of the whole project within seconds.

Clear preview

Link activities and organize them into summary tasks – transparent plan and preview give you a full scope of your project, which means meximum information within minimum amount of time.


Filtering subcontractors

When a project is complex, it may have many subcontractors, thus it is easy to get confused. You can divide your project to smaller parts filtering information about subcontractors.

Actual dates

Enter actual dates not just percent completes. Have a preview of how your action implicate the project.

Eye-friendly Gantt chart

Create your own code library, in order to assign resource, material, cost and risk info to activities. Thanks to drag and drop options, searches and filtering, it is easy to add necessary details to activities.


Add photos and pictures to Gantt Chart. One picture can express more than a thousand words.


Critical path

Critical path method will allow you to focus on the most crucial activities in your project. If something goes wrong in the plan you can prevent it from happening in real life.

Team work including everyone. Enterprise level.

You don’t have to exchange project files anymore. You can work with your team on the same project in real time, that means faster, easier and in more effective manner.

There was no such solution for modelling of resources

Enter data related with resources and recalculate variables such as: productivity, work duration, quantity of work to be done/ done, cost per unit, work pace, over allocation of resources.

Flexible licensing options

Thanks to flexible licensing, everyone will be able to work for the success of the project. Shared licenses will allow to gain optimum between costs and effectivity.

Particular reports accessible at once

Create reports dynamically and include all the necessary data, which you or your subcontractors find useful. Use ready templates or create your own with an intuitive wizard.

Costs under control

Cash flow management will allow you to control all the costs and profits and the financial situation of your project or campaign will remain under control. What’s more? Thanks to advanced histograms you will be able to check your financial forecasts.

System opened for other software

Powerproject cooperates perfectly with Primavera, MS Project or MS Excel, so that you can work with every party involved in the project or export data.

Your partner wants to see the project but has no software?
Powerproject Viewer will open and print the schedule. Even the ones from Primavera or MS Project. For free.

Control the situation – compare the plans

Compare actual progress with the plan in order to be sure that everything is going according to the plan. If something is wrong, you can check the reason and decide what actions should be undertaken in order to deliver your project on time and within the budget.

Prints on demand

Customer wants to receive a print of the plan? Maybe there is a tender coming soon?

Generate prints, which include currently required information such as critical path or archived notes, don’t forget to add the logo of your company.

Material evidence

Secure yourself in case of claims – take photos and make notes, which you will add to particular activities or execution phases. Archive pictures, be able to access your own photo archive.

Project Management in mobile release


It’s not all

Powerproject Web Access – have access to all your projects from every place on the planet. All you need is internet and a web browser.

Mobile and… even more mobile

Site Progress Mobile – Now you can update the progress of works straight from the construction site, regardless if the progress relates to you or subcontractor. Without cables, sockets or big equipment – instead using your smartphone or tablet. You don’t even need wi-fi or cell network – progress will synchronize automatically after you connect to the internet. Freely.


One dimension further

Execute projects in 4 dimensions that is 4D BIM

BIM era has official begun. With Powerproject you will plan even more effectively. BIM Module opens doors to another dimension of project execution, where everything connects into integral whole.

And moreover…

Scheduling connected with three-dimension visualization will facilitate effective execution of your project and progress reports can now be delivered in a form of 3D movies.


Simple planning tool for small projects

An easy-to-use project planning tool designed specifically for small projects

What is Easyplan?

Easyplan is an easy-to-use planning tool designed specifically for the planning, managing and delivery of smaller projects. Novices and seasoned planners alike will find Easyplan quick and simple to use, with project wizards to take you step-by-step through the planning and management of projects.

Easyplan allows you to share files with Powerproject, Primavera and Microsoft Project opening up the opportunities available to your organisation. This also makes Easyplan an effective and affordable option for managing smaller projects within a larger, more complex programme managed within Powerproject.

  •  Draw activities directly onto a bar chart
  •  Link tasks to logical order of activities
  •  Apply duration, resources and progress to activities
  • Add up to 250 tasks per project
  • See a clear graphical progress line for accurate progress tracking
  • Present professional, personalised project plans
  • Track fixed project costs using cost centres
  • See graphical histograms clearly illustrating workflow